Select Women's Consignments

Consignments will be accepted by appointment only. Please call the store for details.

FANTASIA is your Chic Recycling Center!!

*New Consigners:
Due to limited space and a large number of consigners, please call ahead to ensure we are able to accommodate your drop off.

Step 1

Look through your closet and determine what you don’t want, need or wear.

Step 2

Make sure these items are current in season and style, clean and free of stains, wrinkles and wear. Shoes must be in like new condition.

Step 3

Neatly fold items in a tote or place on hangers. Hangers will be returned to you.

Step 4

Consignments will be accepted by appointment only. Please call the store to schedule your drop off. Limit each trip to about 15 items. We go through your items with you right then and there. Please keep in mind; we take items that fit in with our shop and will sell quickly. Don’t feel bad if we don’t take everything that you bring.

We accept most mall brands ( J.Crew, Gap, Lululemon, Anthropology, Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters etc.) and designer labels ( Prada, CHANEL, Theory, Burberry, Vince, DVF etc.). Don’t forget we consign handbags, costume and fine jewelry, shoes and other accessories. We can’t list all the brands we take. If you are unsure just call or bring it by.

Items we don't accept:

  • Furs
  • Suits & Conservative Work Attire
  • Bridal
  • Prom Dresses
  • Fake Merchandise
  • We have a 50%/50% consignment split and no fees. You receive an itemized printout when your merchandise sells. We are known for our organization and prompt payment. Stop by or call during business hours to check your account.